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Koh-Ed Talks 

Expand your knowledge! Topics including Science, entrepreneurship, and management, presented by passionate experts around the world.

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What are
Koh-Ed Talks?

Because of the ongoing pandemic, we have concluded that youth around the world need inspiration now more than ever. Motivation is a key component of global leadership, and is essential to address global issues, current and future. 

If you know anyone that might inspire, please contact us at We welcome experts or anyone - youth included - who has something to share. We are thrilled to connect with you! 

Inspired by TED Talks, Koh-Ed will be virtually hosting enthusiastic and talented experts who have exciting projects to share. We aim to create a global community of learners, allowing people to share their passions. We hope to inspire youth, in particular, helping them navigate dreams and future careers.

Justine Sass

January the 16th, 2023 at 18:30 (Paris time) or 12:30 EST

January 6th, 2020. 6:00 pm - 6:40 pm CEST


After registration, you will receive a zoom link.

Chris Renaud

Chris Renaud is a renowned movie maker who directed movies such as Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets, The Lorax and many more.
Sign up below to join our online meeting where he will be talking about his career! 

October the 18th at 18:30 (Paris time) or 12:30 EST

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January 6th, 2020. 6:00 pm - 6:40 pm CEST


After registration, you will receive a zoom link.

Startups in Silicon Valley


Before starting his career, Mr. Guillaume Decugis obtained a Masters degree from both Polytechnique and Stanford. After leaving university, he Co-Founded Musiwave in 2000. Eight years later, he Co-Founded Goojet in 2008, and eventually went on to co-found Scoop-it. Currently, Mr. Decugis is the CEO of Linkfluence, a company that works to combine artificial intelligence and human expertise, turning social data into valuable insights. 

December 4th, 2020. 6:30PM - 7:10PM GMT+1

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Dr. Gerald Spaeth

Research Director at Pasteur Institute,

Department of Parasites and Insect Vectors (PIV) 

Alien versus Predator: Human infection by the parasite Leishmania


Dr. Gerald Spaeth is a research scientist and Head of a laboratory at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. He studied biology in Germany and obtained his PhD at the Institut Pasteur on human development. Following a post-doctoral research internship in the US, he established his first lab at New York University before moving his team back to Paris in 2005.  His research is focused on the parasite Leishmania and the deadly tropical disease, leishmaniasis. Because of climate change and population displacement, this disease is emerging in Europe and France. Dr. Spaeth’s team studies the Leishmania parasite's Biology and the cause of its pathogenicity, aiming to identify new anti-parasitic treatments.

January 6th, 2021. 6:00 pm - 6:40 pm GMT+1

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January 6th, 2020. 6:00 pm - 6:40 pm CEST


After registration, you will receive a zoom link.

Telling Stories for Television

Frank Spotnitz is an executive producer, showrunner, and writer for televison. Spotnitz created, executive produced and wrote several episodes of The Man in the High Castle, based on the classic alternative history novel by Philip K. Dick, which upon its release became Amazon's most viewed series ever. He co-created, executive produced, and co-wrote Medici: Masters of Florence, detailing the rise to of Medici family. Its Italian premire attracted seven million viewers in, becoming the nation's most-watched new series. In 2017, Spotnitz co-created, executive produced and co-wrote the comedy-drama series The Indian Detective, which later won a Golden screen award. Mr. Spotnitz has served on The X-Files for eight of its nine seasons after joining the show in 1994.

January 11th, 2021. 7:00PM - 7:40PM GMT+1

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From Viking to ExoMars 2022: the search for signs of life on Mars

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Ms. Melissa Guzman

Researcher at LATMOS

(Atmospheres, media, space observations laboratory) 

Dr. Guzman is a planetary scientist and astrobiologist focused on the search for organic matter at the surface of Mars and other planetary bodies. Her presentation will explore the search for signs of existing or extinct life on other planetary bodies with a particular focus on Mars.

January 18th, 2021 7:00 PM - 7:40 PM GMT+1


Artificial Intelligence: Biologically inspired electronics for

a greener world


Dr. Laurie Calvet 

 Scientist at the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Université Paris-Saclay 


Laurie Calvet is a staff scientist at the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Université Paris-Saclay. She obtained her BS from Columbia University in New York, a PhD from Yale University and a Habilitation from the Université Paris-Saclay. Her research interests include bio-inspired  electronic circuits and alternative computing paradigms. 

January 13th, 2021. 7:00 pm - 7:40 pm GMT+1

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The world of Astrophysics Research


Dr. Romain Teyssier
Professor of Computational Astrophysics at the University of Zürich
Starting 2021: Professor in the Princeton University Department of Astrophysical Sciences and the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics

Dr. Teyssier is a Professor of Computational Astrophysics at the University of Zürich, where he teaches physics, astrophysics, and computational science. He is an expert in cosmology, galaxy formation, and star formation. Moreover, he is also the main author of the RAMSES code, a massively parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement code for self-gravitating, magnetized, radiative flows. His main research activity is to perform simulations of cosmic structure using supercomputers, in order to understand the origin of astrophysical objects such as stars (like our Sun) and galaxies (like our Milky Way). He is am also modelling the evolution of the entire Universe in the context of the Euclid mission.

January 18th, 2021. 7:00 pm - 7:40 pm GMT+1


A peak into Google


Mr. Sébastien Missoffe
Senior Executive of Google France

Former Vice President of Youtube Content and Operations

Sébastien Missoffe, 43, has been at the head of Google France since April 1, 2017. He holds an MBA from INSEAD (European Institute of Business Administration) and EBS (European Business School). In January 2015, Sébastien Missoffe became the Vice-President of YouTube in charge of Content and Operations. At Google for over 10 years, Sébastien Missoffe has had a rich and diverse career in Europe and California. In March 2006, as a sales manager in Dublin then became a YouTube sales director for the EMEA market before moving to the United States as sales director in charge of VSEs and SMEs for the American market. Previously, he spent nine years at L’Oréal with responsibilities in finance, sales, and marketing for the luxury goods division.

February 10th, 2021. 7:00 pm - 7:40 pm GMT+1

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