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Our Values

1. Inclusivity

Koh-Ed has cultivated an environment of diversity and inclusivity. We know the best results are realized when people from different backgrounds with different views are brought together - and that every voice matters.

As an international association, we take pride in the diverse array of cultures represented in the Koh-Ed team, and ensure that we celebrate our unique blend of internationality while working to cultivate globally-minded students through our classes. 

Each Koh-Ed member strives to embody this value, fostering an environment predicated upon the foundation of inclusivity. The Koh-Ed team is a group of welcoming, kind individuals to all people, regardless of race or orientation.

2. Leadership

Koh-Ed members value leadership as a key trait. We know a true leader's success is only realised through the victory of those working alongside them. A true Koh-Ed leader does not strive to attain personal glory; rather, they desire only to see the success of others. 

We pride ourselves in this form of leadership and promote a culture that desires other's success. 

Moreover, Koh-Ed is an entirely student-run organization, and we have no members over the age of 19. Koh-Ed members take satisfaction in this fact, realising that with hard work and leadership, us students can accomplish anything. 

3. Responsibility

Working in a non-profit association, Koh-Ed members all share a sense of responsibility to the world, and to our fellow person. We feel responsible for all global issues: the state of education, increasing levels of pollution, hunger and famine, inequality. 
t's too easy to say, "it wasn't my friends, my community, or my country. It's not my problem." We accept responsibility for these issues and work - each and every day - to solve them.
This means that, while our primary focus is education, we help wherever there is a need: we have worked alongside other environmental organizations, promoting low-carbon lifestyles. We helped support those desperately combating the Australian wildfires, raising money for humanitarian aid. At a local level, we have worked to provide information, launching a newspaper that works to raise awareness for other clubs and activities. 

4. Service

As a non-profit association, service to others is fundamentally integrated into our ethos, and Koh-Ed members are joined under the unifying belief that helping others through service is essential. Whether we're volunteering for clothing drives, collecting hygiene products for disadvantaged individuals, or helping teach in Ghana, we believe in service. 

A true Koh-Ed member is someone who genuinely wishes to help others, without regard to personal gain. Someone who will help others, consistently, quietly, and reliably 

5. Curiosity

Curiosity allows for the adoption of an active mindset. Koh-Ed members are curious, always asking questions and searching for answers. Their minds are active.
Koh-Ed members are curious about new ideas and are always willing to change their beliefs. We often wonder, how many stunning ideas may have been lost due to lack of interest? Hopefully, the answer is none. Finally, curiosity is a great source of excitement - with 
It opens up new worlds and possibilities By being curious you will be able to see new worlds and possibilities that are normally not visible. They are hidden behind the surface of normal life, and it takes a curious mind to look beneath the surface and discover these new worlds and possibilities. 4. It brings excitement into your life The lives of curious people are far from boring. They are neither dull nor routine. There are always new things that attract the curious person’s attention,

6. Hard work

Koh-Ed is a registered non-profit association run entirely by students.
Yes, you read that right. We're organized, managed, planned, and coordinated entirely by students, for students.

While our membership fluctuates, we’re currently comprised of around 50 youth, spread across two associated schools. Collectively, we’re all united by a single, crucial, belief: that together, we can improve the world. That we can provide opportunity for all. That we can help you, as an aspiring student, realize your goals.

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