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Koh-Ed's Mission

Our Goal? Empower youth through education.


We provide thousands of multinational students with a quality education.

We are creating a scholarship fund to send Magoso Primary School students in Kibera to high school. We are also helping the LEAP (Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty) organization in Mathare to create a community center to generate employment for the community as well as host cultural and technical workshops for youth and others. We will also be hosting virtual workshops around financial literacy, professional development, computer literacy, reproductive rights, and mental health.

We teach several weekly Science, English, History-Geography, and Language classes at two local community centers and at École Jeannine Manuel Paris. We also maintain Koh-Ed teams at ISP (The International School of Paris).

We have organized multiple trips, providing hands-on science & IT education for 2,000+ students

Our Principles 

At Koh-Ed, we believe that hands-on, quality education is instrumental in cultivating a life-long love of learning in our youth. We aim to create a chain reaction of positive impact, ultimately fostering large and influential change and growth. 

We operate under several core tenants; diversity, inclusion, quality, speed, and growth are just a few. They have steadily guided and advised us on our long journey to the stars. 

Our Leadership

Koh-Ed Paris Board Members

Koh-Ed Paris

Anna Koh

Founder & CEO

Yohan Koh

President of Koh-Ed Kenya

How to get involved in Koh-Ed

Koh-Ed is a nonprofit organization that relies on students teaching at centers and generous donations from our international community. We were able to provide computers, musical instruments, and other educational materials for our global community of scholars. 

So how can you help us?

  1. Join us! Send us an email or fill in the form below to join us, whether you are good at teaching, IT, design... We will find something for you!

  2. Provide us with objects/financing! Computers, musical instruments, notebooks that you don't need anymore... Those will help us with our classes!

  3. Send us ideas for new projects! If you have ideas for a new project or something that could be useful for us, send us an email or fill in the form below!

  4. Spread Koh-Ed! Just telling your family & friends about Koh-Ed can help us a lot! Talk about our projects and more to people!

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Have a question or want to contact us?

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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