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Yohan Koh



Yohan Koh is the president of Koh-Ed and the founder of Koh-Ed ISK, with a primary focus on our science department.
He is currently in Nairobi Kenya, where he is working within and beyond the ISK community. Starting as an afterschool science club in middle school, Koh-Ed expanded into the elementary school and now the larger Nairobi community. Yohan is working with a local school in Nairobi with a focus on low-cost hands-on science. 

Most active in our science team, Yohan has participated in the Koh-Ed Ghana initiative, teaching low-cost hands-on science to seven schools. He returned to Ghana in February of 2020, continuing the propagation of low-cost hands-on science in partnership with GAST (Ghana Association of Science Teachers), and organized four practical science workshops across Ghana's Volta and central region.

Yohan was also a member of our CERN team, sharing his work with fellow scientists. At EJM, he aided in the September and January experiment fests and helped organized the 5ème Light show. He enjoys teaching science experiments at EJM as well as in our partnered French community centers. At Foyer de Grenelle, Yohan teaches youth Science, youth Korean, and led our English youth class in 2019-2020 period. He also ran the Koh-Ed EJM peer tutoring project in 2020/21.

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