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Third Update on China Trip to Shalin School of Martial Arts 25/10

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Here is the third update from Ruiyi, a Koh-Ed member teaching at a school in China in preparation for the 2019 Koh-Ed China Trip.

''On the third day to Shaolin School of Martial Arts, we have watched a performance of their training in the morning. All the students are extremely talented and passionate in Martial Arts, which enabled their impressively high quality and applaudable show.In the afternoon, I went to another campus of Shaolin School to teach students from the international section. These are the students who often go abroad to perform or participate in international competitions, some graduated students from the Shaolin international section have been on TV shows or even Olympic games for their skills in Martial Arts. Though English is essential for the international students for communication when they will travel abroad, these students don't have much time and resource to study English. They spend most of their time training, therefore their English level is very poor. The students are eager to learn English oral and some basic phrases for communication as fast as possible. I taught a class of 50 students aged around 14 for a session of 2 hours. Everyone showed much concentration and interest in the lesson. And all the students as well as their teachers are expecting our return in summer 2020!''

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