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October China trip to Shaolin School of Martial Arts (in preparation to the summer China trip)

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Ruiyi Liu, who organized a trip to China this past summer, is has visited China again in preparation for another trip there this summer. Here is an update from the beginning of her trip (23 October)

''My mom and I departed from Beijing this morning to Shaolin School of Martial Arts situated in Henan Province and  Dengfeng city. We took a train for two and a half hours before arriving at Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan. A staff member of the School of Martial Arts has kindly sent us to their campus by car. We arrived at the school at around 3 pm in the afternoon.

The school was created by a Martial Arts Master in 1980. It is a boarding school for students aged from 6 (first grade) until Unversity classes, and anyone who is willing to learn Martial Arts for at least 4 hours a day on top of their basic classes like Mathematics, Chinese and English are welcomed at the school with no other entry requirement. The students who graduate from the school often perform Martial Arts across the world on some very important events, such as the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, Henan Province  Dengfeng or even before a meeting between the president of China and another country. For this reason, communication in English, especially in oral is essential for the students who will perform in a foreign country in the future.

I met the head of the school Mr. Gao, the school director and a few local English teachers to discuss the aim of Koh Ed through this trip, which is in preparation for the 2020 summer China trip, and to explore the traditional Chinese Shaolin Martial Arts, in order to find a way for cultural exchange between the French and their students. All the teachers have expressed their interest and attention on this trip as well as the upcoming summer trip.

I will be teaching here tomorrow and on Friday, especially for students in secondary school.''

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