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Mr. Gregory's Bike Trip: Venice to Ljubljana

Mr. Gregory has been sharing his journey with us on his bike trip throughout Europe for Koh-Ed. Most recently, he has just crossed the border from Italy to Slovenia, and is thrilled to be there for the first time and also to be closer to his final destination in Serbia.

During his time in Italy, he was greeted by Andrea in Udine. Andrea is a chemistry teacher in charge of preparing the challenges for Italian qualification round of the EU Chemistry Olympiad. He then biked from Udine to Trieste, and unfortunately wasn't able to visit either of the Science Centres that he originally planned on visiting, however he hopes to be back soon.

Since being in Slovenia, Mr. Gregory was able to go to Hisa Experimentov (the House of Experiments), and was guided by Emilija who showed him their collection.

His next destination is Croatia, so come back for more updates as his trip continues!

Here are a few moments he was able to capture from the beautiful places he has visited thus far:

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