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Koh-Ed Ghana Trip: Ho International School

Dear all,

Greetings from Ghana! 

Today was an amazing day for all the Koh-Ed Ghana members. We taught at Ho International School which was our first school. 

We taught in 10 different classes total - 3 or 4 different classes per period for three consecutive periods. The experiments we did were the beer bottle thermometer,  pinhole camera,  detergent based battery,  cardscope, construction lesson, and pressure experiments. We taught children in kindergarten to third graders. All of the students were extremely eager to learn and we were very impressed by their rapid understanding of all he scientific concepts. 

We were very fortunate to be a part of their performance in the end that was dedicated towards us. They sang songs,  recited poetry,  did traditional dances, and sang French songs as well. 

We had an absolutely extraordinary time. Tomorrow we will be going to the Mawuko girl's school where we will be teaching high school students. 

Thank you for keeping up to date with our trip. Have a nice day. 


Anna Koh 

Here is the link to the photos.

Please check it out:) 

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