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Koh-Ed Ghana Trip: Keta Senior High School and Keta touring

Dear all, 

Greetings from Keta (Ghana)! 

The weekend has finally arrived after a busy week of teaching at 5 different schools across the Volta region. 

Each school was a very different experience for us all. We taught students ages ranging from 4 to 20 years old. All our science experiments were very successful and we were able to deliver the idea that hands on science can be done with local materials. 

This week we met with the regional director of education and different chiefs of each region that we visited. Although chiefs aren't officially acknowledged as a government figure, they have a lot of authority and are respected by communities. For example, the Ashianti chief has more power than the president of Ghana himself. Overall, it really has been an honor to have these meetings with different chiefs and authority figures. They were all very supportive and encouraging of our project. 

Today we visited a slave fort. What was interesting was to hear about slavery in a different perspective. Many of the ancestors of the people in Ghana had to endure the cruelty of slavery. Therefore, the stories are engraved in their cultures and it is very different from how we hear it from classes and books. We were really able to have a glimpse of what people had to endure in the forts. 

On another note, Keta is by the Gold coast, so we swam in the sea yesterday and will swim today afternoon as well. It was a nice refreshment after a week of no breaks. 

Thank you once more for keeping up to date on the Koh-Ed Ghana project. 

Yours sincerely, 

Anna Koh

Here is the link to the photos. I have updated today's and yesterday's photos. Please check it out:)

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