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2019 Koh-Ed China Project

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

This summer one of our members, Ruiyi Liu, has organized and taught English for free to youth aging from 6-15. She taught an open class, and curated her English lessons based on those created by Koh-Ed to teach English at Foyer de Grenelle, an education center where we often teach. Taking the skills and love of teaching she had learned with Koh-Ed, she decided to introduce active education through English where creativity, participation, and collaboration is at the center of all activities.

Day One & Two

Ruiyi Liu

With the aim of teaching English lessons to children living in developing countries worldwide, I arrived at the Fengning Manchu Autonomous County of China on the 13th of August. Fengning is situated in the northern Hebei province, bordering Beijing to the Southwest, and Inner Mongolia to the north. However, its economics and development are relatively backwards compared to other regions in China. 

Ruiding English Education was created in 1999. It has defined a new method in China of teach excellent English to children, aged from 6 to 15. Ruiding differs in its teachings of proper English words, and the studies of root words and their origins. Ruiding also actively encourages children to read several English books, and works to develop interests in English.

On the first day of my arrival, I met the coordinator of my trip as well as two teachers at the Ruiding English Education school. They provided assistance, preparing for the teaching, and discussing improvements of my lessons. They were also kind enough to share their teaching experience at Ruiding English Education, allowing me to enhance communication with the students.

I will start teaching on Thursday the 15th, ending on to Sunday the 18th, having with three ninety minute sessions each day.

On my second day, I met with the educational staff Ruiding once more to go through all my educational content. The entire team was extremely welcoming and helpful during the meeting. I'm looking forward to work with them tomorrow.

Day Three & Four

Ruiyi Liu

I have happily welcomed around 30 students in every class on the first two days of my English teaching. In the first two days of teaching, I have managed to educate over 150 students - a staggering number!

The lessons were completely free and open to public, with the aim of raising interest in the students, surrounding English.

Each day, I have focused on one particular theme to keep the lessons interesting. On the first two days, I worked with the chosen theme of Fruit&Animals. The students all found the English lessons to be especially interesting, and participated with huge enthusiasm during each class. Though not yet proficient in English, they were all very eager to learn and progress. 

Day Five

Ruiyi Liu

On my last teaching day in Fengning, I managed to teach about another 50 students. This time, lessons revolved around the theme of Weather. Grouped students were able to portray weather reporters by the end of the lesson. As usual, the children were as dynamic and focused - a real pleasure.

After all the lessons had finished, the teaching staff and I held another meeting, where I received overwhelming positive feedback from parents and students. And, a large majority of students became more interested & invested in learning English after my interactive and lively lesson. During my time, many students ventured to formulate English sentences by themselves, and even dared to speak English in front of the public for the first time. The teachers were also very pleased by the content of my lessons, the good atmosphere during classes and all the positive feedback received from the parents and students. 

My English teaching journey in Fengning was absolutely a valuable experience for me in terms of collaborating and exchanging knowledge with professional English teachers in Fengning, in watching the impact my lessons and I had, and in learning about the English learning conditions in Fengning. and seeing the English level of the children in Fengning which definitely needs to be further improved.

Koh-Ed and it's lovely English teaching team are very welcome back in Fengning again in the future after my very successful and effective teaching.

Finally, I would like to thank Koh-Ed for making this trip possible, and for providing all the educational tools used to make my teaching as impactful as it was.

 Thank you for reading through our 2019 Koh-Ed China update!

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