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Our Current Classes

We are currently teaching at 3 different centers, from kids as young as 8 to adults of age up to 60. We offer classes in English and French, Science and more. We also offer more interactive classes such as Theatre or Debate!

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Teaching at Foyer de Grenelle

Local French Community Center


Our work at Foyer de Grenelle


Foyer de Grenelle is a community center in the 15th arrondissement of Paris that is run by a church. The community center provides free academic and physical classes for youth and adults who are less privileged. Some examples are classes for illiterate adults and homework aid for students with working parents. They also organize other humanitarian projects such as providing weekly meals for the homeless.


Koh-Ed was first founded by teaching English to youth at Foyer de Grenelle in January 2019. Since then, we have vastly expanded the subjects that we teach in order to spark excitement for learning in youth and adults. The classes that we offer are English for youth, English for adults, hands-on science for youth, Korean for youth, Chinese for youth, history-geography for youth in a debate format, and lastly yoga (taught by a certified teacher). All these classes take place on a weekly basis, all taught by passionate Koh-Ed members. Currently, due to the pandemic, some of the classes have been on hold and others have been resuming virtually.

Our goal is to teach through an active approach, where the students are the main speakers and driving force of the class, rather than the traditional method of simply memorizing. We hope to make a difference in the learning method of youth as well as teach content that can be used in the daily lives of all youth and adults that we teach.

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Teaching at Animômes

Local French Community Center


Our work at Animômes

Animômes is a community center in the 15th arrondissement of Paris that focuses on providing after school activities and academic help to under-resourced students and adults.

Our collaboration began in January 2020, with Koh-Ed experimental science workshops for students in primary and middle school. Our aim is to motivate these students to appreciate school subjects that their schools often don’t have the resources to teach in an active, hands-on approach.


For the year 2020/2021, we are continuing student workshops composed of alternating English and science classes, as well as launching adult English classes for immigrant parents that seek to speak professional English.


École Jeannine Manuel Paris

Our work at École Jeannine Manuel Paris

At our home base, École Jeannine Manuel, we organize various events and also work in partnership with the school to organize programs that help the whole student body.

Through Koh-Ed's science department, we organize experiment fests (like science fairs), science shows revolved around different themes, and we also go into middle school science classes to teach experiments that our members developed that are related to the science curriculum.

Besides our science events and activities, we also organize programs in partnership with the school administration. One of the programs we are helping facilitate at EJM is the Koh-Ed X EJM peer tutoring program. We try to ensure a smoother and reliable process of matching students and tutors (older students who volunteer to teach) so that students can support each other.


At EJM, we organize an annual Koh-Ed Awards Ceremony to thank all our Koh-Ed members for their hard work and to recognize outstanding Koh-Ed members who go above and beyond for Koh-Ed's mission.


Lastly, the main Koh-Ed branch at EJM has 3 branches: Education, Kohscience, and Administration. Through this organization of Koh-Ed, each branch members work together with their respective strengths to organize projects and to run the programs.    


International School of Paris

Our work at ISP


Koh-Ed ISP is a branch of the organization Koh-Education, also founded in 2019. Our team aims to provide free, hands-on and quality education to the youth in Paris and around the world so that they may overcome social and economic obstacles. With all of our team members receiving education in an international school, our focus is on expanding children’s ability to communicate effectively and confidently to people across different cultures and origins. We also value creativity as a key skill that prepares today’s learners for the future.


As a non-profit association, Koh-Ed ISP relies on donations and fundraisers to invest in learning materials and international teaching initiatives. From April through May, we organized a Read-A-Thon to encourage reading amongst our school community as it is one of our most important tools and gifts that we use and develop from childhood continuing into adulthood. The local quarantine inspired Koh-Ed ISP’s ‘Online Summer Tutoring Program’ that welcomed several students to learn and teach subjects ranging from English and French to Economics and Design. 


Currently, we have members teaching English Youth, Science, Korean and ‘Histoire et Geographie’ at local community centers, and we hope to extend these initiatives even further. 

Mad Scientist Birthday Parties

Mad Scientist Birthday Parties

In order to raise funds for various Koh-Ed projects, notably the Ghana Initiative, Koh-Ed organizes and facilitates birthday parties for children the age of 6-12 around different science themes. Our goal is to do entertaining experiments with children all whilst adding an educational element of introducing scientific concepts through a visual application. Our clients have the choice of choosing the liquid theme, fire theme, the food theme, or a mixture of the three themes. 

All funds from the 2019-2020 school year were used to buy science materials and to send our Koh-Ed members to teach low-cost experiments in Ghana for the 2019 Ghana Initiative. 

To find out more about our pricing and the experiments we offer check the link below :

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