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Anna Koh

 Founder & CEO

Anna Koh is the Founder and CEO of Koh-Ed, actively teaching, managing Koh-Ed's logistics, and overseeing all aspects of the association.

Initially established under the name Weducate, Anna founded Koh-Ed in late 2018 with Alice Decugis. They were collectively united by the belief that an active education was instrumental for modern youth, and hoped, through hands-on education, to equip future generations with the skills needed to solve global issues. Upon its founding, they taught English to Parisian youth at a local French community center. Koh-Ed has, however, since experienced significant growth, notably with the aid of Hunter Brooke.


Anna's efforts have been central to all our most impactful initiatives: she has organized trips to Ghana, ensuring the preservation and maintenance of the strong Ghanian relationship Koh-Ed possesses. She has organized our CERN trips, and presented to CERN leadership, alongside our greater executive team. She also created Mad Scientist Birthday Parties in order to raise funds for various Koh-Ed projects. She has established robust Koh-Ed presences at educational centers across Paris and oversees Koh-Ed’s EJM science programs, while simultaneously working with EJM administration to create community beneficial initiatives. Besides creating programs, partnerships, and trips, Anna also teaches weekly science classes for EJM and Parisian students, and teaches English youth classes. 

When not working on Koh-Ed, Anna enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, and practicing Taekwon Do. She currently lives in Paris, France, but is eager to enroll in university and continue Koh-Ed abroad. Fun fact: she has lived in 7 countries! 

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